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A dental implant will artificially replace your natural tooth, including the root, and is an effective and long-lasting solution for tooth loss. A small titanium post closely replicates your natural tooth root. Once in place it gradually integrates, bonding with your jawbone and becoming a permanent fixture that is strong enough to support your new tooth.


Veneers are made from incredibly thin slips of porcelain, fitting precisely over the front of a tooth, a little like a false fingernail. They are ideal for covering up badly stained teeth, concealing cracks and chips, closing unsightly gaps in between teeth, or for correcting teeth that are worn or which are crooked. Properly designed veneers can create amazing smiles.


Crowns completely cover up badly damaged teeth that have become weakened due to decay or trauma, or which are worn down through excessive wear and tear. They restore size, strength and structure to teeth and can be used to support a dental bridge, or to complete a dental implant.

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  • “was having financial difficulties, Dr. Gekht worked with me on that…..first time I’ve smiled in 7 or 8 years…everyone that works there put you totally at ease…very professional”


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