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Restoring Missing Teeth with Dentures

Dentures can be an excellent way of replacing missing teeth, restoring function so you can eat and speak without problems. However dentures have a reputation for looking false and if not properly made can be uncomfortable to wear, awkward to eat with and they can make your gums and cheeks feel sore. As a result many denture wearers tend to shy away from social occasions, particularly if they have to eat in public. If this sounds all too familiar then we can help you. Here at Simply Smiles, our dentures are carefully constructed to look natural and attractive and to feel completely comfortable, restoring your smile and your confidence.

Choosing the Right Kind of Denture

We have a complete range of options for you to choose from to suit your lifestyle and your budget. The cost can vary depending on the type of denture you choose, the materials and teeth used to make it and the length and complexity of the fabrication process. Our range of dentures includes:

Full dentures – These are also known as complete dentures as they replace all the teeth in the upper or lower arch. Our dentures are carefully fabricated to give your cheeks and lips the right amount of support and this can transform the way you look. Often people will find that they look years younger.

Partial dentures – Partial dentures replace some missing teeth and these dentures are carefully designed to blend in with your existing teeth. Our partial dentures are held firmly in place with discreet metal clasps that will fit around your existing teeth.
Implant retained dentures – These dentures are becoming increasingly common for people who have trouble keeping full dentures in position. The dentures are held in place by a few dental implants inserted into the jawbone. Special attachments on the implants and the fitting surface of your denture enable it to be clipped firmly in place.

Flexible dentures – These dentures are made from a very special type of nylon and have tooth colored clasps made from the same material. They are very flexible which makes them extremely comfortable to wear.

Immediate dentures – We know that many people worry about what will happen straight after their teeth are extracted and this is where an immediate denture can be helpful. Once your teeth are removed, we can fit you with a natural looking temporary denture on the same day so there is no need to worry that you will be left without teeth. This denture can be worn while your gums heal and while your new dentures are being fabricated.

Why Should I Consider Dentures?

Missing teeth can make it difficult to eat properly and to speak clearly. In addition the lack of support for your facial muscles can lead to your facial features collapsing inwards, adding unwanted years to your appearance. Failing to replace teeth can affect your remaining natural teeth as they will begin to drift towards the empty space and this can affect your bite. As the teeth move, you may find it more difficult to brush and floss thoroughly and as a result particles of food and plaque can become trapped, increasing your risk of tooth decay and gum disease, which in turn can increase your risk of further tooth loss.

If you are considering having dentures or currently wear uncomfortable, ill-fitting or unattractive dentures, then why not give us a call to find out how we can help you? A consultation with our dentist Dr. Kira Gekht will enable you to find out all the different options available to you. Call us today on 941-921-4654 and take the first step towards a nicer smile.