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Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting
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Bone Grafting

10% off (conditions apply)

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Bone Grafting

If you are thinking about dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth then one of the first things to determine is whether there is sufficient bone to support the implant. In order for treatment to be successful, dental implants need to be surrounded by several millimeters of strong and healthy bone which will provide a solid platform so the implant post can fully integrate and bond with your jawbone. After a tooth is removed, bone quickly begins to reabsorb and this can be a particular problem if it has been some years since you lost teeth. A bone graft is a specialized technique to build up bone in areas where it is deficient so implant surgery can proceed.

What Should I Expect from Bone Graft Surgery?

This type of surgical procedure is very carefully planned to increase the density and amount of bone, creating greater width or height, or both, in the bony ridge that used to support your natural teeth. The surgical procedure is quite short and if only a tiny amount of bone is required it may even be possible to place the implant at the same time. Otherwise the bone graft must be left to heal and integrate with your natural bone, a process that will take several months to complete. After the bone is fully integrated, implant surgery can go ahead.

Where Does the Bone Come from?

The best source of bone is from your own body and it may be taken from your chin or another area such as your hip. However, having bone removed from another site in your body is not something that will appeal to everyone as this surgery site can be sore while it heals.

Nowadays there are a number of other options available and one of the most reliable is to use artificial bone grafting material that will often contain sophisticated growth proteins to help encourage the growth of new bone cells. Other options include donor bone that may be bovine or human in nature and which will have been carefully treated and sterilized to ensure your safety.

When you visit Simply Smiles for a consultation, our dentist, Dr. Kira Gekht will discuss all available options for bone grafting and can provide you with much more information so you will be able to make an informed choice about your treatment. Although it may sound dramatic, bone grafting is commonly carried out in preparation for dental implants and the procedure is very safe.

If you are interested in finding out more about bone grafts or in dental implant procedures, then please call Simply Smiles to book a consultation. Our friendly dental team can give you all the information you might need and are here to answer all your questions. Call us on 941-921-4654.