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Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery
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Oral Surgery

From only $150

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Oral Surgery Provided in Comfortable and Familiar Surroundings

Should you require oral surgery, then Simply Smiles is pleased to offer a comprehensive range of procedures in our comfortable dental office. This does mean you will be treated by a dental team you already know and trust and in familiar surroundings which can help make the experience far more comfortable. Another benefit is that we will be able to oversee your treatment from start to finish, providing you with a better overall experience.

One procedure that many of us will have to face at some time is tooth extraction. Although we make every effort to save natural teeth there are a number of reasons why extraction may be the best option and which include:

  • Teeth that have been badly damaged by trauma or decay
  • Teeth that have root fractures
  • Wisdom teeth that are impacted or have only partially erupted
  • Primary teeth that have failed to fall out and which are affecting the eruption of permanent adult teeth
  • Removing teeth in preparation for orthodontics in order to achieve optimal results
    There are a number of other types of oral surgery that can be provided here at Simply Smiles.

Corrective Jaw Surgery

This type of surgery is also known as orthognathic surgery and may be required if you have any of the following issues:

  • Problems caused by minor or major trauma
  • Excessive wear caused by tooth clenching and grinding (bruxism)
  • A misaligned jaw which is causing problems with facial appearance
  • An incorrect bite (malocclusion)
  • Difficulty in comfortably opening and closing your mouth and in chewing food

Some of these oral surgeries can be carried out using local anesthetic but sometimes conscious sedation can be useful. Additional sedation can be provided if you feel anxious or nervous about undergoing surgery and every patient is carefully screened to make sure sedation is a suitable and safe option.

Dental Implants

A small surgical procedure is required to insert a dental implant post into the jawbone. This surgery is carried out by an oral surgeon who is able to pinpoint the best position for the implant, providing excellent aesthetic and functional results. Eventually the titanium implant post will fuse with the surrounding bone, becoming stable enough to support a crown, bridge or denture.

We Do Everything Possible to Ensure Oral Surgery Is Stress-free

We understand that undergoing oral surgery can make some patients feel nervous and anxious but we’d like to offer reassurance that everything possible is done to make sure each surgical procedure proceeds smoothly and comfortably. If you do feel nervous, please talk to us so we can address your concerns, and as mentioned earlier we can offer conscious sedation when required.

Simply Smiles has already helped many patients overcome their fear of oral surgery so they can enjoy improved oral health and an attractive smile. You can talk to any of us here at Simply Smiles, or why not book a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Kira Gekht.

Call us direct on 941-921-4654 as we are here to help you achieve a healthier smile.