Do You Need Root Canal Therapy?

Do You Need Root Canal Therapy?

When most patients hear the words “root canal”, their first response is dread and anxiety. However, root canals are a fairly common dental procedure and a good way to ensure that your teeth are safe from advanced decay and infection. Thanks to the latest practices in modern dentistry, performing root canals are no longer a painful hassle!

What is a Root Canal?

Having a root canal saves you from having a tooth extraction. Root canal therapy is the process of eliminating a severe infection by replacing the pulp of an infected tooth beneath the enamel.

Why Do I Need Root Canal Therapy?

If you’ve had a toothache for an extended period of time, it’s most likely due to an infection that should be treated immediately. Avoiding a root canal for too long can result in swollen gums, a raised bump on your gums, or a blackened tooth.

What Can I Expect From The Procedure?

Root canal therapy is usually done over multiple appointments. You will be given an anesthetic to eliminate the possibility of pain during the procedure. The infected pulp will be completely removed from your tooth. The empty cavity is then thoroughly cleaned out and a filling solution is poured into the cavity. The tooth is then sealed off with a temporary crown or cap to protect it during regular eating and brushing. A mold is made of your tooth so that you can get your permanent crown or cap at your next appointment. Your new tooth will look and function just like your regular teeth!

What is the Cost of Root Canal Therapy?

On average, a root canal will cost around $500-$1000, with an additional cost for restorations. Most insurance plans will cover some of the cost and  Simply Smiles will be happy to help you work out a payment plan.

What Aftercare is Needed?

Steer clear of very hard or chewy food until your permanent cap is in place. After this, you can resume your normal eating activities.

At Simply Smiles, we don’t want you to be afraid of root canals when you need them. If you have any more questions about the procedure, contact us today for a friendly consultation.