Some Foods and Drinks Promote Healthy Teeth and Some Don’t – Which Ones Are Which?

Some Foods and Drinks Promote Healthy Teeth and Some Don’t – Which Ones Are Which?

Certain foods and drinks are teeth-friendly while others are not. Foods and drinks that boost your dental health are ones that provide plentiful nutrients for oral health, protect enamel, and prevent tooth decay. Foods and drinks that are not good for teeth healthy are often sugary and acidic. Make sure you know which ones are which this summer.

Foods and Drinks That Promote Dental Health

  • Fruit and veggies. Fresh and fibrous fruits and veggies cleanse teeth, promote saliva production, and strengthen gums making them a perfect snack for overall oral health
  • Milk and yogurt. Yogurt and milk are rich in calcium and low in sugar. This summertime snack protects your enamel and strengthens your teeth.
  • Water. Water cleanses your teeth and contains teeth-friendly minerals like fluoride that prevent teeth decay. Make sure to drink plenty of water this summer.
  • Nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds contain many of the nutrients like phosphorus and proteins that are vital to protecting and preserving tooth enamel. They also increase your saliva production which removes teeth decaying sugars and acids.

Foods and Drinks That Don’t Promote Dental Health

  • Acidic juices. Acidic juices wear down tooth enamel and leave sugary particles lodged in spaces between teeth. If not cleared away these damaging food particles can cause tooth decay.
  • Chewy candies and sugary treats. Chewy candies can pull on and dissolve tooth enamel. These sugary treats also promote the buildup of plaque for other unhealthy food particles to reside.
  • Alcoholic drinks. Alcoholic beverages such as wine can cling to the plaque on teeth causing stains. These drinks also typically are high in sugars and acids, promoting enamel and tooth decay.

Professional Dental Assistance for Better Nutrition Choices

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