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Audio Testimonials

“was having financial difficulties, Dr. Gekht worked with me on that…..first time I’ve smiled in 7 or 8 years…everyone that works there put you totally at ease…very professional”

—  Dianne, Sarasota, FL

“Dr. Gekht and the team work tirelessly to ensure my dental health is the best it can be I would not trust my dental needs to anyone else”

—  Patient, Sarasota, FL

“most gentle dentist I’ve ever had in my entire life…she works with you, not on you…includes you in all the decisions”

—  Julianne, Sarasota, FL

“want to thank her very much for everything she’s done..she’s very good at what she does!”

—  Philip, Sarasota, FL

“Phenomenal…under-promised and over-delivered…extremely professional”

—  Thomas, Bradenton FL