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Dazzle With A Smile Makeover

There’s a lot to be said for a smile. It costs nothing to give and yet it can brighten up another person’s day. However, if you’re unhappy with your smile then you probably spend a lot of your time hiding it behind your hand or smiling with your mouth closed. As its name might suggest, a smile makeover is a brand new smile that’s designed to look better in all sorts of ways. It may replace missing teeth, close gaps, straighten crooked teeth, whiten, change the length or shape of the teeth, reduce protrusion, or any combination of the above. Whatever it takes, we can offer a solution.

Although for the patient it’s a dazzling smile which is all important, for us dentists the most important thing is your oral health. Your dental health doesn’t just affect how your teeth look, feel, and function but it can also impact on your bodily health too. Gum inflammation and infection has been linked to diabetes and heart disease so helping you achieve a good level of oral hygiene is our top priority in order for you to benefit from our full range of cosmetic treatments.

A personalised treatment

Unlike routine cosmetic treatments which stand alone, a smile makeover is a personalised treatment plan that is tailored just for you and may include one or more treatments to satisfy your dental needs, improve your oral health, and meet your cosmetic goals.

Whether you want to straighten your crooked teeth with an invisible brace, replace unsightly silver fillings with white inlays, or stabilize your dentures with implants, we have the expertise and skills to deliver outstanding results. Treatment options for your smile makeover include crowns and bridges, laminates and veneers, orthodontics, Invisalign, tooth whitening, dental implants and more.

Taking the first step

The very first step towards achieving your smile makeover is attending a free consultation with the team. During this relaxed and informative appointment you can express any concerns and explain just how you’d like your smile to look. We’ll assess your situation, answer your questions, and after a thorough examination of your mouth and teeth, suggest treatment options. From here Dr. Gekht will draw up your personalised treatment plan together with timelines so you know just what’s happening and when.

Why not take advantage of our free consultation and take one step closer to achieving your dream smile. You can book online or call us direct on 941-921-4654. Dr Kira Gekht and her friendly team look forward to meeting you and giving you a smile that you can flash with confidence.

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