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Who doesn’t want a gleaming white smile?

It’s a fact of life that drinking such things as coffee, tea, cola and red wine and even eating certain foods, can stain and discolor our teeth. Even the ageing process can lead to teeth becoming more yellow. If your smile has lost its sparkle, then we can help.

Achieving the brilliant smile that you want may require nothing more than a professional whitening treatment. With the help of our dental team the results can be sensational and long-lasting.

You may have tried home whitening systems from your local discount store but unfortunately most of these are ineffective and in some cases can actually cause damage to your teeth if not applied correctly. Professional tooth whitening from a cosmetic dentist is safer, more effective and longer lasting.

In-office cosmetic teeth whitening has an immediate effect whereas take-home whitening kits take that bit longer but can produce similar results. Whitening gel to use at home contains a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide which requires exposure to the teeth over a longer period. However, many of our patients prefer their method of tooth whitening because they can enjoy the same long lasting effect but at significantly reduced costs. Some patients also use our home whitening kits to touch up their teeth between in-office treatments.

The procedure consists of the dentist taking an impression of your teeth so that custom trays can be molded. These are filled with the advanced tooth whitening gel and used to apply it to your teeth. Depending on the system used, the dental trays are worn for thirty minutes twice a day or for a set period of time over night. Generally speaking if you start your treatment on a Monday then by Friday you should have a whiter, brighter smile.

Things to consider prior to teeth whitening

Teeth whitening treatments can produce spectacular results, however dental crowns or white fillings at the front of your mouth may resist teeth whitening. In other words your natural tooth enamel may whiten but the color of your restorations can remain unchanged. In addition, if your teeth are heavily stained then veneers may be a better option for you. For their reason, we suggest scheduling an initial consultation where Dr. Kira Gekht can carry out an oral exam, discuss your teeth whitening options, and decide which is the best course of whitening treatment for you.

How long should professional teeth whitening last?

Depending on various factors the results of your teeth whitening treatment can last anywhere from six months to two years. However, all teeth typically darken over time. How long teeth whitening lasts depends on things such as your genetic makeup, age, and eating habits.

You can keep your teeth looking white for longer by quitting smoking, cutting down on tea, coffee and cola, certain spices and abrasive toothpastes, as well as maintaining good oral health and regular dental visits.

To find out more about our take-home whitening kits, why not give us a call on 941-921-4654 or schedule an initial consultation. We look forward to welcoming you to Simply Smiles.

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