Consider Veneers For A Beautiful Smile

An attractive healthy smile is a great asset to have and not only helps you interact with other people more easily but can sometimes further your career and even help you find a partner. If you’re constantly hiding your smile because of unsightly teeth then veneers can transform your smile, make you look and feel more attractive, and give you back your confidence.

So what are veneers exactly?

Similar to false nails, porcelain veneers fit over the teeth to conceal damaged or unsightly teeth and restore your smile. They’re made from wafer thin custom-shells of porcelain and are bonded to the outer surface of teeth which are worn down, misshapen, badly discolored, chipped, or broken away. In some cases, they can be used as an alternative orthodontic treatment to braces in order to correct teeth that are gapped or slightly misaligned. They may also be recommended as a permanent form of teeth whitening in cases where bleaching isn’t a suitable option.

The procedure

Getting veneers usually requires two or three visits to the dental office. One for the initial consultation and two for making and applying the veneers. The procedure for a single veneer involves the dentist removing a small amount of tooth enamel equivalent to the thickness of the veneer which is to be applied to the surface of the tooth. Sometimes this is carried out under a local anaesthetic to avoid any discomfort. At this stage the dentist will take an impression of the tooth in order that it can be sent to the laboratory for them to make the veneer. This procedure can be applied to single or multiple teeth simultaneously.

Usually after a couple of weeks you’ll be asked to return to the dental office to have your veneers fitted. Before bonding them to the teeth, your dentist will place them temporarily so that you can see if you’re happy with the shape, fit, and color. The veneers can be removed and trimmed as necessary until the desired result it achieved. The tooth surface is then etched to ensure a stronger bonding process and special cement is used to hold the veneer securely in place.

Benefits of veneers

Veneers offer a number of benefits, namely:

  • A natural appearance
  • Tolerated by gum tissue
  • Stain resistant
  • Can be colored to make dark teeth appear whiter

Don’t require as much of the tooth structure to be removed as crowns do, and yet are strong and aesthetically pleasing If you’d like to find out more about veneers or see if they are a suitable option for you, then why not book a consultation appointment with Dr Kira Gekht. Call today on 941-921-4654 or contact us online.

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