Multiple Tooth Replacement

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Many people are missing multiple teeth and regardless of the reason for their loss, it is important to replace them as soon as you can. Apart from making eating uncomfortable and awkward, missing teeth can seriously impact your self-confidence and may be prematurely aging. Tooth loss can also negatively affect your dental health.

Simply Smiles specializes in replacing multiple teeth as naturally as possible. Our implant supported crowns and bridges will restore your appearance and are comfortable and fully functional, making it easy to enjoy your favorite foods once more. Every dental implant treatment is carefully designed to provide long-lasting results and with the correct maintenance should keep you smiling for many years to come.

Multiple Tooth Replacement

What is an Implant Bridge?

An implant bridge is a great solution for anyone missing teeth that were adjacent to each other. The bridge will have multiple teeth that are connected to crowns fitting over two or more implants. The exact number of implants required will depend on the number of teeth to be replaced as we can even fabricate a bridge to replace a complete arch of teeth. Unlike an implant supported denture, the bridge is either cemented or screwed into position and can only be removed by a dentist.

What are the Benefits of an Implant Bridge?

The main benefit of an implant bridge is that it is self-supporting and there is no need to use perfectly healthy adjacent teeth as abutments for the bridge. You will find an implant bridge will look and function in a way that is extremely similar to natural teeth. The implant posts help to preserve jawbone by closely replicating natural tooth roots which prevents the jawbone from being reabsorbed by your body.

How Will Multiple Implants Work?

If you are missing multiple teeth in different areas of your mouth then an implant bridge is not a viable option. Instead we may suggest using multiple implants to support single crowns. To do this, an implant post must be inserted into your jawbone to replace each missing tooth. This treatment is more expensive than an implant bridge but you will find that each implant tooth is extremely strong and secure and it should look amazingly natural, exactly as if it is your own tooth emerging from your gums.

Will My Dental Implants Be Easy to Look after?

When cared for correctly, both multiple implants and dental implant bridges should last for many years. With the correct brushing and flossing techniques combined with professional dental care, including check-ups and cleanings, dental implants can last for decades or in some cases for life. You can help ensure your dental implant treatment is a success by making sure your oral hygiene is meticulous and if you smoke then it is advisable to quit as it will slow down the healing process and greatly increases your risk of implant problems in the future.

If you’re fed up of having missing teeth and are looking for the most permanent solution available today, why not contact Simply Smiles to find out more about multiple tooth replacement? You can call us at 941-921-4654 to make an appointment for your initial consultation.

She’s a perfectionist, something I personally appreciate!

Marcia P.

Everything was explained and the time was taken to adjust my bite where it fells natural. I felt relaxed and comfortable.

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Always satisfied with Dr. Gekht and her great staff !!

Jane T.

Dr. Gekht is an amazing dentist. She takes the time to listen to the patient and then adjusts what needs done to accommodate the situation. Amazing team at her office as well.

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Very meticulous does nice work.also is fun to be around.would highly recommend.

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