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Restore Your Smile With A Dental Bridge

A smile can light up a person’s face but the last thing you want is to be remembered for a smile that is full of unsightly gaps where teeth are missing. A dental bridge closes the gap that has been created by the loss of one or more teeth. It’s formed from two crowns which cover the teeth on either side of the gap (abutment teeth) and a false tooth or teeth positioned in between (pontics). These are normally made from porcelain fused with metal but gold or alloys can also be used. If the teeth to either side of the gap are healthy then these can be used to support the bridge, otherwise we use dental implants for support.

Benefits of dental bridges

  • Restore functionality allowing you to chew and speak properly
  • Maintains the shape of your face
  • Restores your smile
  • Distributes the biting force correctly by replacing the missing teeth
  • Stops other teeth from moving out of position

Process for getting a dental bridge

The procedure for a dental bridge usually involves at least two visits to the dental office. During the first visit the abutment teeth are prepared. This involves filing down the healthy teeth to either side of the gap and shaping them so that a crown can be placed over them. If the teeth are not healthy then they may be removed and dental implants placed into the jaw which act as an anchor for the bridge. The next step is to take impressions of the teeth so that the dental technicians can fabricate a custom tooth or teeth together with two crowns that make up the bridge. You’ll then be fitted with a temporary bridge to protect the exposed teeth and gums while your custom bridge is being made.

On your return visit your temporary bridge will be removed and your new porcelain or metal bridge will be checked and adjusted, if necessary, to achieve a perfect fit. Once the dentist is satisfied with the fit, the bridge is placed by cementing the crowns on to the two abutment teeth (or dental implants) on either side of the gap.

There are 3 main types of dental bridge: Traditional, Cantilever and Maryland and Dr. Gekht will discuss your options with you to make sure you get the best bridge for your specific needs. The choice can depend on which area of the mouth your teeth are missing and on the condition of your oral health.

Caring for your bridge

It’s important to maintain a good level of oral hygiene as the success of a dental bridge relies on the surrounding teeth remaining strong and healthy, since they offer support for the bridge. Twice daily brushing and flossing is generally all that is needed and regular dental check-ups will ensure that any problems are detected at their early stages and can be treated right away. If cared for properly your dental bridge should last for at least 10 years or longer.

A conventional dental bridge is a cheaper alternative to replace missing teeth than dental implants but there is a risk that by modifying healthy teeth in order to place the crowns, it can weaken them and leave them more susceptible to infection and decay.

If you’d like to bridge the gap in your smile then why not give the office a call. Dr. Kira Gekht and the team are looking forward to helping restore your smile. Take advantage of a free consultation by calling us direct on 941-921-4654 or fill out the online form.

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