Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment in Sarasota, FL

Root Canal

If you’ve been experiencing a dull ache or severe pain in your tooth, or perhaps it feels very tender when you bite, then it may be that the nerve or blood supply to your tooth (also known as the pulp) has become infected or inflamed. The good news is that the tooth can often be saved using root canal treatment. Also known as endodontics, it’s a highly skilled and somewhat time consuming process. Dr. Kira Gekht is fully experienced with all aspects of root canal treatments, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. We reserve the right to refer you to a specialist should your case be deemed more complicated for us to treat in our setting.

What causes inflammation and infection to the root canal?

Deep tooth decay can cause infection as can repetitive dental procedures to the tooth. Other causes can pertain to a chip, crack, or even a faulty crown. Trauma to the tooth can damage the pulp even if there are no visible signs of external damage. Often you won’t feel any pain during the early stages of the infection but your tooth may darken in colour which is an indication that the tooth’s nerve is dying or has died.

Why root canal treatment is necessary

If the infection or inflammation is left untreated it can spread throughout the tooth’s root canal system, causing pain and possibly leading to an abscess. Without root canal treatment the tooth may well need to be extracted.

How does root canal treatment save the tooth?

The root canal treatment generally involves two or more visits to the clinic. During the first visit the infected or inflamed pulp is carefully removed and any abscesses are drained. The root is then cleaned and shaped in preparation for the filling. A temporary filling will be put into place and you’ll be sent home to allow the tooth time to settle. The tooth will be checked at a later visit to ensure that all signs of infection have been removed before the tooth is either filled for protection or restored with a crown.

Benefits of saving the tooth

Although some people may prefer to have the tooth extracted there are several benefits to undergoing root canal treatment, namely:

  • Normal biting sensation and strength
  • Efficient chewing
  • An appearance which is natural
  • The neighbouring teeth are protected from excessive wear and tear

Endodontic treatment lets you keep your natural smile, eat the foods you love, and lessens the need for ongoing dental work. With regular brushing and flossing any teeth that have had root canal treatments can last as long as your natural teeth. If you need to have root canal treatment, Dr. Kira Gekht will carry out the treatment effectively and as comfortably as possible. Call us on 941-921-4654 for a consultation appointment where we can discuss your options.

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