Products to Smile About in Sarasota, FL

from electric toothbrushes and floss to whitening trays and nightguards

At Simply Smiles in Sarasota, FL we try to be the one-stop shop for all your dental needs. Sonicare Electric toothbrushes, prescription toothpaste, night and mouth guards, whitening trays and more–we carry a variety of products that’ll help keep your smile beautiful and your teeth and gums healthy for life.

Our products include...

The great toothbrush debate is over. Everyone should be using an electric.

How many years has your hygienist been telling you to get one? They're only bugging you because they care about you! This is about more than being able to say that you have one and getting them to finally shut up about it at your next cleaning. This is about doing what's best for your health.

On sale through this Fourth of July! Get the latest in home care technology for only $60.00!

Dry mouth, sensitive teeth, pro-enamel and more! Get our prescription strength toothpaste to protect your perfect pearly whites from cavities, nasty plaque and all sorts of other gross gunk. Always 50% off when purchased with fluoride during your hygiene appointment.

Your dental bacteria is under arrest with Arestin! OK...maybe that's not their catchphrase, but it totally should be! Arestin is our hygienists' secret weapon in the fight against periodontal disease. Arestin lasts 30 days under your gums, targeting microscopic bacteria that hides in all those hard to reach nooks & crannies. Improvement in gum pocketing (one of the metrics we use to diagnose gum disease)  typically happens after just 1 application! Isn't that just arresting?

Stressed out? Grinding your teeth at night? Would you do anything to stop your headaches and the pain in your jaw?
Well you don't have to do anything, you just have to come in and have impressions taken for a night guard. Unlike a mass-produced nightguard like the ones you can pick up at Walmart or Walgreens,  A custom-made, fits-your-teeth-like-a-glove night guard is one you're less likely to spit out in your sleep, and it'll help prevent that pain and discomfort associated with nighttime grinding. Don't think it'll make a difference? We'd love to convince you (it'll help get you out of pain, after all). Ask Dr. Rivera about how much her night guard has helped her!

After you've spent the time and money getting your smile looking straight and sleek, the last thing you want is for your teeth to go back to their old wily ways. That's why after your done with your orthodontic treatment, there's no excuse not to get a retainer. We can make you one that stays in your mouth all the time (a permanent retainer) or one that you can wear just at night (a removable retainer). Either way you can't go wrong by protecting your investment in a straighter smile!

We make 'em, you use 'em. The next time we see you, we want you to blind us with your flashy smile! We offer both in-house whitening (for those who can't get enough of us), and take-home trays (for those who like to take it slow). Check out this page for more information  about both!

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