Dental Hygiene

The difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning

When we perform a regular cleaning, there is no damage to the bone or the gums. It's a healthy cleaning process where we shake your gums and teeth, remove some mild buildup, and get rid of stains. We may even discuss improvements like whitening. However, deep cleaning is slightly different. It involves reducing the bacterial load that's hidden under the gums—something that happens when you skip flossing. My team of hygienists will ensure you're comfortable, go under your gums, and clean out all the debris and harmful bacteria.

Why do some people who have been getting regular cleanings suddenly need a deep cleaning?

Studies show that half of the people over the age of 30 have some stage of gum disease. As we age, it becomes more challenging to combat bacteria as our immune system weakens. This is why we sometimes transition from a regular healthy cleaning to a deep cleaning to combat gum disease.

What does a cleaning appointment involve?

A cleaning appointment first involves a very thorough exam. We then remove the bacterial load that's been accumulating over time—every two months, the bacteria amount doubles. We also eliminate any stains, double-check for cavities, and you even get a free toothbrush.

Is dental cleaning painful?

If your teeth and gums are healthy, dental cleaning should not be painful. We're just cleaning out superficial bacteria. Your teeth may feel different after the cleaning because they are clean and smooth.

Gum healing after the tartar removal

Once we remove tartar, the gum can reattach to the healthy tooth structure. This leads to healing and an improvement in color.

Maintaining your teeth after the dental cleaning

You should brush at least twice a day and ensure to clean in between the teeth. You can use string floss, flossers, or a Waterpik.

How can you schedule a cleaning in my office?

You can call my office at (941) 877-5262 go on our website to submit a contact form, or send me an email.