Orthodontic treatment is a serious investment. It takes time, money, and patience. But the results speak for themselves—overwhelmingly, patients who undergo orthodontic treatment for teeth straightening report an improved quality of life. And you can see it. There’s a look patients get the moment they know what orthodontic treatment can do to transform their smiles. We used to have to take impressions and then wait for weeks for simulations to come back, but now, thanks to iTero, we can show you what kind of results you can expect in minutes. Best of all, getting an iTero scan at Simply Smiles in Sarasota, Florida, is free!

Types of orthodontia we offer:

  • Fast Braces. Maybe the thought of traditional braces doesn’t send shudders down your spine, but the idea of spending years and years straightening your teeth does. Fast Braces bring together the best of modern orthodontic developments and traditional braces. Like conventional braces, Fast Braces involve attaching brackets to your teeth and threading them with a wire. The wire is used to adjust the position of your teeth. Here’s the big difference: traditional braces move your teeth in two steps. First, they shift the parts of your teeth that you can see (the crowns), and then they move the roots (the part of your teeth that reaches down into your bone). Fast Braces use special brackets that move the crowns and the roots at the same time. That drastically reduces how long it takes to get a straighter smile. Fast Braces are one of Dr. Gekht’s many specialties. If you’re interested in seeing what they can do for you, schedule a consult with her today!
  • Invisalign clear dental aligners. Invisalign is a more modern approach to orthodontic treatment. Rather than having unsightly brackets, wires, or bands, you simply wear clear aligners. Now you have to wear them to get results (we’re talking 22/24 hours a day here), but that doesn’t mean that anybody will notice that you’re wearing them! Much like fast braces, these aligners move both the roots and crown simultaneously, so comprehensive orthodontic treatment with Invisalign treatment can take as little as six months. We can tell you what to expect when you go through treatment with Invisalign. With iTero, we can show you what kind of results you can expect in a matter of minutes. Best of all, two members of the Simply Smiles team have gone through treatment with Invisalign, and both are more than happy to tell you precisely what kind of hills you’ll have to climb and how to best get over them.

Learn more about the iTero scan device

iTero is the bleeding edge of dental tech. Gone are the days of waiting for weeks for a simulation from Invisalign or just imagining what your smile could look like after orthodontic treatment. With iTero, we can make a 3D model of your teeth in real-time in minutes. Using that model, we can show you how orthodontic treatment could change your smile in seconds. We think that this is so incredibly awesome, impressive, and satisfying that we offer iTero scans to our patients at absolutely no cost and with no obligation. Just get ready! Between watching your teeth slide into their ideal positions right before your eyes and the convenience of Invisalign, you might get way more interested in orthodontic treatment than you ever imagined you would!

Patients interested in learning more about our orthodontic options are welcome to call our practice, Simply Smiles, at Sarasota, FL, at (941) 877-5262. We are open to new and current patients at our office, conveniently located at 2750 Stickney Point Rd Suite 107, Sarasota, FL 34231.

Clear aligners are designed to straighten your teeth over time. When you wear clear aligners, they will exert pressure on your teeth, slowly shifting them into a proper alignment. You will receive a series of aligners to switch over to on a designated timeline provided by Dr. Gekht.

You must wear your aligner at least 22 hours a day. Failure to comply can result in slower results. In extreme circumstances where you are not wearing your aligner consistently over a longer period, your teeth may even begin to revert to their previous position, resulting in a complete re-evaluation of your treatment timeline.

Thanks to the continued evolution of clear aligner technology, more people qualify for this treatment than ever before. In most cases, both teens and adults will be considered good candidates. This will be determined by an evaluation performed here at our office. If you are deemed a good candidate, a personalized treatment plan will be provided to you.

This question has no proper answer because it will vary from patient to patient. However, when looking at averages, clear aligner treatment usually lasts anywhere from 12-18 months. The treatment timeline you are provided will depend on your unique case and compliance. Wearing them less will result in an extended treatment timeline.

The most efficient way to keep your aligners clean is to clean your mouth with proper brushing and flossing. Doing so before putting on your aligners will help keep food and other buildup off them. There are also cleaning solutions you can use to submerge your aligners for cleaning.