Tooth implant process

Tooth Implant Process


Whether you have lost your teeth to disease, injury, or tooth decay, it can negatively impact your quality of life by causing pain and physical and emotional discomfort. While missing teeth are common, you don’t have to live in distress. Dental Implants from Simply Smiles can improve your chewing, speaking ability, and overall health.

Start-To-Finish Implant Restoration in One Dental Office

At Simply Smiles, we have made the dental implant treatment easy for you to restore your smile. We always go the extra mile to ensure nothing gets in your way of achieving the smile you deserve.

Let’s say you have gone through all the tooth replacement options and feel like dental implants are the way to go. You may wonder what to expect from dental implant treatment. While each patient’s case is different, your dental implant process is likely to follow the steps below:

  • Initial consultation: Dr. Gekht will listen to your smile concerns and explain how dental implants fit your smile goals. She also explains everything about dental implants, including timelines and the steps involved.
  • Oral examination: Our dental team will thoroughly examine your gums, teeth, and bones using X-rays and of your mouth. We use these images to determine your suitability for dental implants. Most importantly, we want to establish that you are free of oral diseases and have healthy bones to support an implant.
  • Pre-surgery procedures: The initial consultation gives a complete picture of your oral health to personalize your treatment. If you have bone loss, Dr. Gekht will recommend dental grafting to add density to your bone. Patients with severely compromised teeth need extraction before an implant. This may seem to be a lot of work, but guess what? It can all be done in our dental office!
  • Dental implant surgery: This is where artistry and experience come into play. Dental implant placement needs attention to detail for a successful outcome. Your dentist or oral surgeon should insert the implant precisely in the jawbone to act as your natural tooth root. Dr. Gekht carefully inserts a screw-like titanium post in your bone, giving it time to fuse with the jaw bone through osseointegration. This process takes about 3-6 months.
  • Abutment placement: Your dental implant needs a connector to attach to a crown or any other tooth restoration. After healing and fusion, we perform minor surgery to attach an abutment to the implant, which takes about two weeks of recovery.
  • Crown placement: Finally, the most enjoyable step in dental implant treatment. We restore your tooth with a natural-looking dental crowndenture, or bridge, depending on the number of teeth lost.

The dental implant process takes months, but most of the time is dedicated to healing. However, patients who have benefitted from dental implants don’t notice the passage of time because they get a tooth replacement that lasts for life and performs like natural teeth.

Complete Your Smile with Quality Dental Implants

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